Evan & Devon

November 3rd 2019


Our love story has been a crazy ride of firsts, and we’ve done a lot of it out of order.

This is the story of us.


They met at a bus stop outside of
their dorm in Savannah, GA.

She thought he was cute and she couldn’t stop talking.

He loved listening and loved her big brain.

A few weeks later, she was caught in the rain.

He saw her and gave her his umbrella.

She was smitten.

They became friends, but were shy
about how they felt.

She wore a white dress, and he saw his future.

And they knew that this was the start of something that would last forever.


They traveled a lot, worked hard at school.

They rented their first apartment together...

...and they adopted two kittens and named
them Chai & Latte.


They graduated from school and moved to Atlanta.

They worked hard and built careers doing what they loved.

She had a crazy idea to buy a house.
He rolled his eyes, smiled and said “let’s do it."

And they did it.

But all along,
he had a big crazy idea of his own...

Surprises were her thing...
but he had the best surprise of all.

Join us and celebrate the next
chapter of our story.

November 3rd 2019